Due to the Covid 19 pandemic Matt has taken his group lessons online. There are two lessons available which you can take part in via Facebook live. Simply go to The Uke Room Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/theukeroom shortly before they are due to start and click on the video. You can ask questions live, chat with others, have heaps on fun and learn tonnes.

Lessons are free but if you would like to support Matt and the work he does we would love it if you could buy Matt a virtual coffee or high five by clicking on the links below. Every kind donation helps to keep things going and really helps to make up for the loss of Matt’s physical teaching.

£3 Virtual Coffee – thanks for your support!

£5 High Five – thanks a million!

Or if you prefer you can drop Matt a virtual tip in his jar by paypal: https://paypal.me/ukeroom

During the first season of these Wednesday lessons Matt will build upon his Playing Up The Dusty End YouTube series enabling you to ask questions and develop your learning. You’ll learn how to play melodies, chords and solo all over the fretboard, giving you much better mastery of your instrument.

These sessions are heaps of fun. Matt will teach you to play without the use of sheet music by learning chord progressions, soloing scales, dynamics and much more.