Kanikapila Fridays!

Inspired by the jam sessions held in Hawaii, we’re inviting you to our special new Friday afternoon jam sessions. Aimed at freeing you up from the constraints of sheet music we’ll be playing from the heart and sharing songs orally in a players circle. All levels of players and all styles of music are welcome. Matt will be on hand to help if you get stuck and give expert advice on chords, rhythm, and improvising, when needed. You’ll increase in confidence, learn to play by heart and recognise songs structures and chord changes. More importantly the sessions will be welcoming, relaxed and heaps of fun.

Kanikapila Fridays will start from the 10th January and run every Friday 2:30 – 4pm. All you’ll need is yourself and your ukulele. No music stands! 😉

The cost for each session is £5. No need to book ahead but please check before coming for your first time in case we are on a break for illness or holiday.