We are excited to welcome the talented Colin Tribe to the Uke Room to deliver a very special workshop on fingerstyle ukulele.

Colin is a bit of a legend in the UK ukulele scene having published so many great arrangements and tutorials over the years.

Colin Tribe is a self-taught musician born in 1946 growing up as a teenager with the sounds of skiffle, jazz, American rock and then the Beatle explosion. The guitar was his first love and by the age of 17 he had music published in BMG and a song writing contract. Whilst Head of Music at Highbury Grove School in London he was invited to a work on  Trinity College of Music’s Electronic Keyboard Exams. When Victoria College of Music wanted to extend the range of Exam Material to Diploma level they asked if he would be interested and so a very happy relationship with VCM was established.

When developing a syllabus for Self-Accompanied Singing an addiction to the Ukulele began and he created an exam for Ukulele players who wanted to develop melodic fingerstyle skills. Further books were commissioned and written and workshops at Music Education Fairs and Ukulele festivals followed.

Colin’s workshop will be based on material from “Discovering Fingerstyle Ukulele” as well as introducing popular pieces from his YouTube performances and  incorporating some elements of “Self Accompanied Singing” so developing more variety into playing accompaniments. Like the book Colin will start at the beginning and help the participants in the workshop stretch their technique and musical imaginations.

Tickets are £25 first come, first served, available here:

*We do not issue physical tickets so once you’ve completed your payment you’re all booked in. Just give your name on the door.

Colins’s Ukulele publications include:

“VCM Ukulele Exams”

“The Musical Ukulele” (Lindsay Publishing) –an  introduction to melody playing.

English Folk Tunes for Ukulele”, “Irish Folk Tunes for Ukulele

& “American  Folk Tunes for Ukulele” (Schott Music)

“Discovering Fingerstyle Ukulele”.  (Schott Music)


Some recent reviews of “Discovering….”

Discovering Fingerstyle Ukulele truly is a massive and magnificent accomplishment” 

Tony Mizzen, author of From Lute to Uke and the Baroque Ukulele

“It’s a book rich in variety, insight, carefully-considered studies and sensibly weighted to allow the learner to progress in a systematic way.” review from EGTA – European Guitar Teacher’s Association


“A gifted arranger, able to take the essence of a song and translate it to the limited musical palette of the ukulele, using melodic highlighting, harmonic suggestion, and rhythmic articulation” – Michael Kenfield