Matt’s History Of The Ukulele Talk & Strumalong

Saturday January 26th 2 – 5pm






























Matt will be running a really fun interactive afternoon where you’ll get to hear the fascinating history of our favourite instrument and you can join in celebrating this history when we all play songs from every era including Hawaiian music and Hapa Haole, through Ragtime and Jazz, to Pop and Modern. You’ll learn about the instrument’s fascinating beginnings, how it became the symbol of a Nation fighting to stay alive, how it outsold the guitar but was killed off by the Beatle that loved it the most. You’ll hear about how it played its part in winning a world war, it’s part in the Hawaiian Cultural Renaisance, and how today it is used to promote peace in the middle east. We’ll cover artists from Henry Kalimai, through Roy Smeck and Formby, right up to Brother Iz and James Hill. All levels of ukulele players are welcome and we’ll have songs that can be strummed by beginners whilst the more advanced pick out a melody.

Something for everyone.

And most of all, it’ll be heaps of fun!

Tickets are £20 first come, first served, available here:

*We do not issue physical tickets so once you’ve completed your payment you’re all booked in. Just give your name on the door.