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Regal invented the tenor guitar all those years ago (as a way for banjo players to be able to participate in the growing guitar boom.) These early regal ones are really special as they’re smaller tenor guitars than what came later. The body as a narrow taller look, similar to what we would call Terz guitars today. Often these Regals are mistaken for baritone ukuleles but their scale is an inch or two longer than most baritones and they’re designed for steel strings.

The woods on these are a solid spruce top with birch back and sides. It gives them heaps of volume, especially having opened up over all those years.

This one is well worn but still plays really well with a bright jangly tone. I have tuned it DGBE but with the right gauge strings it can be tuned GCEA like a uke. There is one stable crack on the lower bout that is tight and has no movement.

At sone point someone has added some art to the back (looks 60s to me!). It could be removed but I like it as it’s a little piece of history! It comes with a vintage case


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