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Here’s a very special Martin that is nearly 100 years old! I date this gem to 1926 due to the use of original violin style tuners and the original rosewood binding (which was later replaced by faux tortoiseshell binding on this model.) Vintage Martins this age and in this good condition are very rare.
It is in brilliant condition for it’s age but I do suspect it has had a refinish at some point. It is very well done (so much so that I could be wrong!) but it feels slightly more satin in feel than other Martins I’ve known of the same age. It has also had some work done on the back, very neatly, where a new panel has been expertly grafted in (pictured – note the lighter area.)
Despite this, this is a very rare find and it plays with really well with just a tiny bit of buzzing on the A string if you really dig in.
The rosewood binding is a real delight. A very special piece of Martin history.


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