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I’ve been after one of these for the shop collection for a long time. Vintage Martin tenors were introduced later than their soprano cousins and many fewer were made. This is the model that Israel Kamakawiwo’ole played throughout his careers and was subsequently cremated with. They are superbly build, nice and light and produce a lovely warm tone, in part due to the lovely solid mahogany build. I date this one to 1945 and it is in very good condition. There is a hairline crack beneath the bridge but appears to be in the finish and is certainly completely stable. It still features original friction pegs that work smoothly and hold tune, as well as all it’s original bridge pins. It plays like a dream with a nice medium low action and no buzzing. It comes with a nice modern vintage style tweed case. The outer fabric has seen better days but it’s structurally sound and had a lovely plush interior.


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