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We’re proper chuffed to be stocking Duke tenor banjo ukes. I’m incredibly impressed by so many different things about this uke. To me, and most importantly, it sounds amazing! It doesn’t have that tinny attack that some banjo ukes have  – the sound is fuller and more rounded. Loud, but with a depth to it. It even comes a really good quality pickup which sounds very natural when plugged in. This makes it perfect for  band setting or for open mics.

The next thing I love about it is how light it is. Much lighter than most banjo ukes and still fully tune-able. It’s very comfortable to hold and play and comes with a really nice armrest and own branded strap. Everything is so well thought out in terms of design and execution.

The tenor neck is well made and very smooth to play with a nice low action. It even comes with planetary tuners which look like traditional frictions, but are in fact geared for ease of use.

Top top it all off it comes with a really lovely bespoke gig bag.


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