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Huzzah! I was just doing a shop inventory and tucked away I found a really nice Fuzz-C Tenor from our Forest Ukuleles range. I discontinued these a year ago because of spiralling costs shipping from the Far East so this is either the last or certainly one of the last we’ll ever have available.

It is an all solid tenor to my design with solid ziricote back and sides and a solid cedar top. It features a mahogany neck and ebony faceplate, fingerboard and bridge. It’s really zingy with a very loud, open tone. It has a 1.5 inch wide but which gives you lots of room for fingertsyle and playing those tougher chords

The unique headstock features Gotoh UPT planetary tuners that look just like friction pegs but are actually sophisticated geared tuners. This one comes with Worth Clear strings and a lovely Forest Ukuleles deluxe gig bag.

There are some very slight tooling marks on this one in the binding (see photos). It’s nothing structural but just worth noting. It’s possibly why I kept this one back (I can’t remember!) so I’ve reflected that in the price.

If you like the design this could be your very last chance to own one!


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