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Every now and then we get some non-ukulele instruments through the shop. They have to be very special! Here we have a 1960 Gibson ETG 150 tenor guitar. These were made popular by brilliant artists like Tiny Grimes. The pickup is original and produces a beautiful warm sound. It sounds gorgeous when playing jazz stuff especially. It is currently tuned as an octave ukulele (GCEA an octave lower than uke), but could be tuned in 5ths as a standard tenor guitar or DGBE Chicago tuning.

It’s in great condition for it’s age but obviously has scratches and dings from it’s 60 years of being played. The jack to the pickup was moved as it sustained some damage years back and now comes out of the end pin. The repairs were beautifully done. It had a nice hard case too. It’s an heirloom quality beautiful guitar.


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