Solid mahogany top, back & sides

Ebony Fretboard and Bridge

Gotoh UPT geared tuning pegs

12-fret neck join

In stock


I am absolutely delighted to be stocking the Kiwaya KTS series. I have owned both the KTS4 and KTS7 and they are some of my all time favourite ukes. In fact I’d say they are two of the best sopranos I have ever played.

Modelled on the vintage Martin designs of the early twentieth century these ukes are the closest you get to the sound and feel of a vintage Martin. The sound is punchy and vibrant with a real soprano bark. The solid top is so thin that the whole uke resonates beautifully and produces a big volume.

The craftsmanship is meticulous with every detail right on. I’m really impressed that Kiwaya have also added Gotoh UPT tuners which look like traditional friction pegs but are in fact geared tuners that are incredibly smooth and easy to use. 

Sheer perfection!


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