All solid Hawaiian koa body
CNC shaped neck
Ebony fretboard and bridge
TUSQ(tm) nut and saddle
KoAloha 5-pointed crown headstock
20-fret fretboard joined at the 14th fret
Fretboard inlay dots made of abalone
Wooden label (new for late 2021/early 2022)
KoAloha’s patented “Musubi” soundhole
37mm nut width
KoAloha low G strings installed
Gloss finish
New KoAloha abalone logo

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I probably don’t need to say much about this ukulele. KoAloha’s flagship tenor model, handmade in Hawaii using solid koa.

BUT this is the new updated version that has somehow managed to improved upon perfection! A 14 fret join (putting the bridge right in the sweet spot) with a slightly narrower waist and more rounded bout helps give a clearer more focussed tone with improved balance across all the strings. Put simply, it sounds amazing!!!

This one features the new branded KoAloha geared tuners and a gorgeous figuring to the koa – almost like thin stripes of different shades. It is quite beautiful and better still – it sounds incredible. It has a very deep but loud tone – in fact when you play it you can feel the vibrations and power in your chest. It has a nice low action and plays beautifully, from gentle fingerstyle to hard strumming. It’s a modern classic!

I’m not sure how KoAloha have managed it but they genuinely sound even better than any we’ve had in the past – more volume and deeper tone.

KoAloha no longer supply us with cases so this will come in a free deluxe Forest Ukuleles gigbag.


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