• 14-15/16″ Concert Scale (Distance from Nut to Saddle)
  • 23-11/16″ Overall body length
  • 10-11/16″ Body length
  • 5-3/4″ Upper Bout
  • 8″ Lower Bout
  • 4-3/4″ Waist
  • 2-15 Body depth
  • 1-7/16″ At Nut
  • Acacia body
  • Spruce top
  • Semi-gloss finish
  • 13 Frets to Body  17 Frets Overall
  • Maple fretmarkers
  • Mahogany Fingerboard and Bridge
  • Mahogany neck
  • Friction KoAloha tuners
  • Premium flourocarbon Koaloha Strings
  • Deluxe padded gig bag!

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We’re incredibly proud to stock KoAloha Ukuleles – some of the finest Hawaiian crafted ukuleles in the world. The O range are their import line, now branded the same as KoAloha, made in Thailand using the same spec and techniques as their Hawaiian ukes. These offer amazing value for money as the sound is not far off the more expensive Hawaiian made models but the price is far lower.

This concert model is adorned with a spruce top which gives it an incredible punch and some added warmth and depth. When we took out stall up to The Grand Northern Ukulele Festival this range were everybody’s favourite.

It even comes with it’s own bespoke gigbag with the KoAloha logo.


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