– Unique one piece carbon fibre moulded body

– Tenor scale

– Space case

– Fluorocarbon strings

– HPL Fretboard

In stock


Now for something very special, unusual and innovative. The folks at Lava Music have come up with these amazing new Lava U ukuleles. They put whole heaps of research and development into the one piece carbon fibre moulded ukulele. The body feels so nice and tactile, soft and comfortable in the hand and can be played in environments from -4 to +140 degree Fahrenheit. It produces a lovely warm tone.
The fretboard is made of HPL (high pressure laminate), has a lovely smooth edge and features a carbon fibre truss rod to ensure the neck stays straight for years to come. Even the tuners are well thought out and work beautifully – the first ever screwless ukulele tuner.
The whole package is innovative and modern and the unpacking one of these is like unpacking an iPhone – everything is so neat and well thought out. The space age cases are so cool! Just like something out of 2001 Space Odyssey!


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