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For some time I’ve been trying to source ukuleles more locally in a conscious attempt to be more environmentally minded and reduce our carbon footprint. Already we support some amazing luthiers in the U.K. and Europe, including the fabulous Phil Davidson right here in the Forest of Dean. So far though we’ve not managed to fill that entry – mid level gap without importing from the Far East. Until now. Our local importer of ukes that currently bring in Blackwater ukes have started bringing these Portuguese made ukuleles to the U.K.

Our first batch are laminate construction using very attractive laminate Koa with lovely patterning.  Eventually we’ll have some in solid woods.  They have a nice light bubbly tone perfect for light strumming and Hawaiian style music. The thing I love about these most is the very low action, especially at the nut end. It’s rare to get that on ukes straight from the factory in this price bracket, without buzzing.  It makes holding chords very very easy and comfortable so perfect for those starting out in their ukulele journey.

They come equipped with Aquila strings and classical style geared tuners.


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