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Here’s something really magical. This is a piccolo ukulele made by Martyn Thornington. It is tuned an octave above re-entrant C6 (ie. high GCEA), which means you can play it at clubs or in your orchestra to create a really lovely sound. It’s bright and bubbly and heavenly.

It has been entirely hand made from select English Lacewood combined with a soundboard of Cedar of Lebanon sourced from Stourhead Estates in Wiltshire England. The body has a unique arched back to project the sound from what is a small instrument. The overall length is 390 mm with the body width of 114 mm. At it’s deepest the depth is 45 mm. The nut is a useful 35mm and the neck is made of English Beech wood from the same local source.

It even come equipped with Gotoh UPT tuners which look like traditional friction pegs but are actually geared tuners.

This is an amazing opportunity to own a very special little uke that has been hand crafted with passion, at a third of the original price.


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