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There is magic in these 1920 Style 2 Martins. In my mind the 1920s Martins are the best in terms of sound and craftsmanship. The style 2s used higher quality mahogany and each one I have played sounded superb. This is no exception. I have dated this to between 1923 and 1926 because of the Grover no. 76 pegs and the original bar frets.

It is very rare to find these 100 year old Martins crack free but I’ve been over this thing and I can find any. It has been very well loved though and there is significant wear to the top. It is structurally sound though and I think it all adds to the vintage vibe. It plays beautifully with medium action and the volume and tone is just amazing!

It comes in a vintage case – not the original but very nice and very well fitting.


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