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Here’s another special vintage ukulele that I sourced from the States for us. It’s a beautiful Gibson Uke 1 from 1963. What makes it really special is that it doesn’t feel like a uke from 60 years ago. It’s like we’ve gone back in a time warp as the original finish is in great condition , the original case is in superb condition and it even has its original warranty card not filled in! To be fair though there are a few dings to the lower bout that I’ve photographed but no cracks at all.

It plays beautifully with the action low nut end but slightly on the higher end the bridge end. I love the sound of these vintage Gibsons. To my ear there is a slightly more mellow tone as compared to the Martins of a similar era and it really appeals to me.

A really cool slice of history and a fantastic heirloom quality uke that has many more years left in it to be cherished and enjoyed.


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