Vintage Martin – rare Ditson order 1922-23

Style 2 – with cream binding

Bar Frets, Grover tuners

Crack free – excellent condition

Original case

In stock


I am super thrilled to be able to present to you this rare vintage Martin 1922. The Martins made for the Ditson company are rare, old and very collectible. These specific Grover tuners were only used for a year starting in 1922. This, the markings and decorations allow an accurate dating to a year when only a handful of Style 2s were made for Ditson.

What’s more this one is in excellent condition, especially considering it was constructed a hundred years ago. It is crack free and has little play wear. The original bar frets are in top top condition and it plays with a low action and no buzzing. The tone is very warm, woody and lush.  The solid mahogany is a really rich red-brown in this one. It’s an absolute beaut!!

Comes with the original case that has seen better days but I wouldn’t ever want to separate it from this uke and all that history.


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