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I’m absolutely delighted to present this amazing piece of ukulele history – a 1930s Kamaka Pineapple made from all solid mahogany. It’s incredibly rare to find these with the decal still intact and this one looks really great. These were made in the Spanish style with one piece top and back and rather than using koa they were made with Philippine mahogany which was given a reddish stain. It’s a great choice of wood which, when paired with the pineapple shape, gives very rich full tone.

It also has the frets direct into the neck design and wooden bridge/saddle and nut. This one features original tuners but the E peg is slipping and needs replacing. I’m happy to do this free of charge but wanted to give the option as leaving it exactly as it is as some collectors prefer everything original.

It has two repaired back cracks and one hairline and stable crack to the front just below the bridge.

These are incredibly rare and true collectors items. I would love to see this in the hand of a player though as with the tuner sorted it will absolutely sing! Comes with its original case.


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