I love these Kamaka Keikis. This is anlovely one with a gold interior label which dates it between 1954 to 1970. Kamaka “Keiki” labelled ukuleles were one of the few they made from mahogany.

In the 60s and 70s to compete against unscrupulous ukulele manufacturers who tried to sell fake “Kamaka” ukuleles in Japan, Kamaka & Sons Enterprises collaborated with Tokyo Stringed Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to produce ukuleles for sale in Japan . Called “Keiki Kamaka,” the ukuleles were made of mahogany, and were only available in the standard (soprano) size.  “Keiki” means “child” in Hawaiian. That does not mean that it was a smaller soprano version as the keiki ukulele measures 20 1/2 inches and modern soprano kamaka ukuleles actually measure smaller at 20 1/8.
This one is in very good condition. The top was taken off and re glued at some point but it was fine very well. It plays like an absolute dream and had a vintage Martin-like tone.


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