Vintage Martin 1940s or earlier

Modern re-finish & Gotoh UPT tuners

Solid mahogany

Bar frets

Crack free

In stock


This is a really interesting uke. It is a pre-war vintage Martin that has been re-finished by a previous owner with a semi-gloss finish and satin neck. It’s really well done and I presume must have been done by a luthier as the work it clean and the finish thin. It must be pre-war as it has traditional bar frets as opposed to t-frets which Martin introduced in the 1940s after the war. It had also had modern Gotoh UPT tuners fitted. These look like friction pegs but function as geared tuners – super smooth and accurate.

Most Martin collectors like myself don’t like re-finishes and modern touches and that’s completely understandable but on the other hand here you have something unique; a beautiful vintage instrument that feels and plays like a modern one. There are no cracks anywhere, the action is low and it plays beautifully and buzz free.


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