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Our burgeoning vintage collection wouldn’t be complete without some classic Martins! This is a really lovely early Martin made from all solid mahogany that I date to between 1924 – 1932. It features the original bar frets (which I love) and an ebony nut. It sounds amazing and plays beautifully with a low action thin neck. It has that absolute classic warmth and Martin bark that can only be found in these early ones.

The condition is good for a 90 year old instrument but it does have two repaired cracks on the soundboard and a small repair patch to the lower bout (though well done and not very visible.) I wonder if the neck was repaired at some point also as there is some subtle residual glue marks  there. The tuners aren’t original but work nicely and are of the period. There is some bellying to the top but it doesn’t effect playability at all which is great excellent.

Slightly worn and tired yes (but aren’t we all!) but it plays like an absolute joy and the sound is wonderful.



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