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I love it when something unique comes up and this is certainly one of those. Liam Kirby, of Wunderkammer Instruments, is a brilliant ukulele builder based down on Bristol. He makes amazing vintage style instruments entirely by hand, using no machinery. He ukes feel and perform like vintage instruments and are an absolute delight.

This is a particularly fascinating Liam built as a one off. It is based on the Knutson harp ukuleles of the 1930s. Contrary to what many presume, the extra arm Knutson built in was never designed to add a bass string to, it was designed to add more soundboard and resonating space to his ukuleles. And it does! Though the uke is soprano scale, it sounds more like a concert or a tenor in many ways. And of course, it is also built to be unusual and interesting, which again, it sure achieves!

This one is in great condition with minimal play wear. As Liam’s ukes are all built entirely by hand you may find the odd tooling mark, but it genuinely does add to the charm.


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