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This is a historically interesting, as well as beautiful, vintage Kamaka soprano ukulele. You can always identify an early Kamaka, made by Samuel Kamaka himself by the high placement of the soundhole on the body and use of wooden friction pegs. They’re so distinctive and very cool.

It’s also interesting that very early Kamaka ukulele we’re often made from woods other than koa such as mahogany or monkey pod. This wood could be a dark koa or it could be one of the above. I genuinely can’t tell!

After 100 years it still plays well with a straight neck. There is a crack to the side which was is stable and hasn’t moved for years. It is string with a new set of Kamaka strings which the previous owner said was the first string change in all these years.

It’s a very special ukulele indeed! Comes with vintage case.


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